Post Irma Clean Up Effort

We should all be very proud of the amazing efforts by local Rotarians in helping those most affected locally by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma.

Here are a few photos of the clean-up crew!

This is better said by two of our fellow club members.  To read a blog from our resident Pastor, John Danner, please click here

In addition, club treasurer Jack Alexander sent out a moving a thought-provoking  email that follows:

Team #makeadifference had 8 people volunteer last Saturday morning (a big hearty thank you to Chet, John D, John/Joleen Raho, Rachel, Don, and Richard G!!). As Holli mentioned, you can read a little about it on John Danner’s blog. Here’s a little extra information for you. There were the 8 of us at the house, plus the team leader Wayne Hemstead (Sandra’s husband). About an hour into our shift another guy joins the team . . Bruce (he’s the one standing behind Don and me in the picture John used). He’s not in Rotary, nor is he affiliated with any charitable organization. He’s a former Navy guy and is currently a realtor in . .GEORGIA!!

After Harvey hit Texas, he hopped in his truck and headed down there to help. He then showed up in Bonita three weeks ago with supplies and worked the weekend. Then last week, his bosses said . . we have more supplies for FL, want to take another trip down there. He said “sure”. He then goes on to say his kids gave him their toys to take to the kids who had lost everything . . totally on their own, with no encouragement from him. And they didn’t give away the toys they no longer use . . Bruce said the kids gave away their favorites!

With evil lurking in various corners of the world, it’s stories like this that give you the feeling that maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

These are all hard working people who found themselves in a world of hurt . . and we were there to help, both financially and with able bodied volunteers. As a club, we can hold our heads high my friends knowing we’ve done a heck of a lot for the good of the cause!

July 4th Parade

A video of the Club’s participation in Sanibel’s July 4th Celebration

July 4th 2017 from Sancap Rotary on Vimeo.

San Cap Rotary in Guatemala

In April four Rotarians (Past Presidents Bill Rahe, John Grey and Chet Sadler along with Assistant Governor Area 4 Clark Rambo) visited Lake Atitlan, Antigua and Huehuetanango in Guatemala meeting with the local project coordinators to see the impact of the projects on the local community and give thanks for all the hard work they have done. $48,000 was given to these projects in the form of grants, fund raising profits, and micro financing loans to support the poor struggling communities.


The visiting Rotarians first stop was along the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala meeting with the Ija’tz Coffee Coop. Their coffee fields, located on the side of a volcano overlooking the lake, have been devastated by the coffee Roya or leaf rust. This fungus causes the leaves to fall off and eventually the plant dies. The $5,000 grant given the coop helped fund tree nurseries growing Roya resistant coffee plants and large scale replanting efforts. Funds also went for heavy duty spray equipment for spraying organic solutions on the infected plants. The coop also received expert training on best practices for growing premium coffee and how to brew and taste for the quality of the beans produced.


Guatemala Rotary VP Meijia explains Roya



The Sanibel Captiva club gave a microfinancing loan the La Suiza coffee coop. These funds were raised by the club selling coop coffee at the A&C Fair and at Baileys. The profits go back to the coop. This year the loan amount was $12,000. This is an agriculture loan given to the coffee farmer based on the amount of coffee he grows. The loan is paid back after the funds are received from selling their coffee in the US premium market. This is the fourth year for this loan project. It has allowed the coffee farmers to sell their coffee at a much higher price and have money to support their family and grow their farms. Due to the long distance to La Suiza (3 day trip) the group could not make the trip to the village. They were given details by the De La Gente. A company that organizes the Coop efforts.


La Suiza village

The small village of La Suiza high in the mountains of Guatemala


The next stop was Huehuetanago Guatemala. The Sanibel Captiva Rotary Club donates to the Huehuetanago Rotary club a container load of 110 wheel chairs. The Huehue Rotary Club are experts in distributing wheel chairs to the needy in the far reaches of this mountainous state. This container load cost $22,000. Thanks to the Wheel Chair Foundation, Sanibel Captiva Rotary received matching funds to help get the total funding. To receive this matching grant the Wheelchair Foundation requires the local Rotary Club meet rigid requirements to assure the wheel chairs meet the need. Some of the requirements include a doctor’s prescription approving the persons need, signed pledge that the user will not sell the wheelchair and notify the Huehue Club if there is a mechanical problem so they can get it fixed. The person has to be measured to get the right size wheelchair and understanding of how the chair will travel to choose the type of wheel for the chair. In the communities where the wheel chairs were distributed by the Huehue and Sanibel Captiva Rotarians the atmosphere was joy and happiness. Marimba band music, local food delight and children dance presentations emphasized the impact these wheelchairs have on the community.


Rotarians with young family


Clark Rambo helps



Clark Rambo helps transfer young boy receiving a wheelchair

Finally, the Rotarians sat down with Michael Ewens from the “Ripple Effect”. This community building organization is operating in the distant mountain Ixil region of Guatemala. This small village was caught up in the civil war between rebels and the Guatemala army. Over 2/3rd if the population lost their lives in the war. The Ripple Effect has received the largest International grant of $16,000 from the Sanibel Captiva Rotary Club. Michael has lived in the community for over 3 years helping the Ixil Indians rebuild their lives with water & sanitation systems and providing fences, seeds and tools to make nutritional organic home gardens Recently they have received solar cells lighting up their homes for the first time. Mr. Ewens hands on effort has helped over 150 families rebuild their lives.

Rotary is an International organization. One of their goals is to help those that are in need locally and internationally

Winners Four Way Test Contest

Every year the SanCap Rotary Club asks the local school to have students prepare an essay about what the 4-Way Test means to them.  This year’s winners were:Julia Dry, Alyssa Perez, and Arabella Lilleslatten.  There essays are attached:

Three winning essays 5-5-17

Sanibel Independence Day Parade



2016-4July Float

Shelter Box Donation

Sanibel-Captiva Rotary  presented a club check for $585 representing donations collected for Shelter Box made at this year’s Arts & Crafts Fair. to ShelterBox USA Representative, Rotarian Ross Spencer.Ross Spencer Shelter Box is currently engaged in relief efforts in Syria, Greece, and Figi.

2016 Arts and Crafts Fair

Our 2016 Fair was our most successful Arts Fair EVER!

The weather could not have been better!  Even given the parking problems, one would be hard pressed to find any major negative issues.

We estimate over 3700 people attended the Fair on Saturday, and 2200 on Sunday, 110 artists were represented, we experienced record t-shirt sales ( approx 500 shirts), and record coffee sales (125+ bags!) .  We also had an amazing turn out for the silent auction The artists seemed happy with their revenue. Many of whom thanked us upon leaving for our organization, and attention to detail.

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016a

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016b

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016-5

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016-6

Arts and rafts Fair 2016-7


San-Cap Rotary 2016 Arts and Crafts Fair

The Island is busy, the weather forecast is good.  We’re looking forward to a great Fair this Year.

Blessings in a Backpack (BIB)

Lee County identified and found an overwhelming need for this exceptional program starting with Tice Elementary School were 98% of the students rely on Federal Food Assistance programs. The BIB program went into effect at Tice in 2008 and since that time, measured test scores, reading skills, positive behavior, general health, and attendance have improved dramatically.

Lee County continued their fundraising efforts for schools in our County that have a concentration of need.   But, quickly realized that there were pockets of children with these same needs in every school within Lee County. Lee is a school-choice county and parents can elect to have their children attend schools near their place of employment; in some cases parents work jobs with wages so low they can’t afford to buy groceries. On average, today’s minimum wage has 30% less purchasing power than it did in the 70s. Housing costs have risen exponentially and food and transportation costs continue to go up week after week.

At first, Sanibel doesn’t seem like a place where the “Blessings in a Backpack” program would actually be needed, but au contraire, 72 children and their families are currently involved with this now BIB-Sanibel/FISH Backpack Program. The “Blessings in a Backpack”national organization in Kentucky supplies the backpacks, local BIB-Sanibel Board Members and Friends raise the funds for food products through various types of fundraising activities from golf tournaments to program presentations to local service clubs. Backpacks are packed by a group of FISH volunteers and are ready for pickup at school or at the F.I.S.H. storefront office here on Sanibel. FISH continues this backpack program all through the summer, when the need for this program continues to be most important.

This backpack program is offered to children in Grades K-8 at the Sanibel School as well as Pre-K ages at Children’s Education Center of the Islands, Sanibel Christian School, and Summit. If you would like to make a contribution to “Blessings in a Backpack”, please contact John Nicholson at jnicholson@VIP

Club Assembly

This past week Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Trust Board members Scott Congress, Chet Sadler, and Immediate Past President, Bill Rahe put together an impressive power point presentation regarding giving practices of our Rotary Club. Requests come to this committee in a couple of ways: member submission or applications from organizations and non-profits seeking funding for special projects. (Applications can be found on our club web site… under the “membership only” tab.

Bill Rahe @Club AssemblyScot Congress @Club Assembly

Once a funding application is brought before the committee a member is chosen as an internal Rotary club sponsor with responsibility for making sure necessary paperwork supporting request is in place, requests are reviewed by the committee, following status of request, and following-up on grants approved.

Rotarian, Chet Sadler, also serves on the committee as Rotary Foundation representative basically centering in on partnering projects that seek matching funds from Rotary District #6960 or Rotary International.

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