Post Irma Clean Up Effort

We should all be very proud of the amazing efforts by local Rotarians in helping those most affected locally by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma.

Here are a few photos of the clean-up crew!

This is better said by two of our fellow club members.  To read a blog from our resident Pastor, John Danner, please click here

In addition, club treasurer Jack Alexander sent out a moving a thought-provoking  email that follows:

Team #makeadifference had 8 people volunteer last Saturday morning (a big hearty thank you to Chet, John D, John/Joleen Raho, Rachel, Don, and Richard G!!). As Holli mentioned, you can read a little about it on John Danner’s blog. Here’s a little extra information for you. There were the 8 of us at the house, plus the team leader Wayne Hemstead (Sandra’s husband). About an hour into our shift another guy joins the team . . Bruce (he’s the one standing behind Don and me in the picture John used). He’s not in Rotary, nor is he affiliated with any charitable organization. He’s a former Navy guy and is currently a realtor in . .GEORGIA!!

After Harvey hit Texas, he hopped in his truck and headed down there to help. He then showed up in Bonita three weeks ago with supplies and worked the weekend. Then last week, his bosses said . . we have more supplies for FL, want to take another trip down there. He said “sure”. He then goes on to say his kids gave him their toys to take to the kids who had lost everything . . totally on their own, with no encouragement from him. And they didn’t give away the toys they no longer use . . Bruce said the kids gave away their favorites!

With evil lurking in various corners of the world, it’s stories like this that give you the feeling that maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

These are all hard working people who found themselves in a world of hurt . . and we were there to help, both financially and with able bodied volunteers. As a club, we can hold our heads high my friends knowing we’ve done a heck of a lot for the good of the cause!