Our New Members – Cindi DeCosta

Director of The Children’s Education Center of the Island. While attending St. Mary’s College in Virginia Cindy spent some time in Brazil. She laughs at herself because she thought she was pretty good at Spanish and that would come in handy when she studied in Brazil but quickly found out Brazilians spoke Portuguese. One thing about Cindy, she has a good sense of humor and that comes in handy throughout life.

After graduating from St. Mary’s, she soon found herself quickly immersed in childcare, with four of her own. Cindy meshed the need to stay home with the desire to run her own at home day care business for a number of years. After moving to Florida, she found a teaching position at the Children’s Education Center on the Island. It wasn’t long before the director of CCI wanted to retire and Cindy applied for the job and the rest is history.