Quarterly Dues

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This page allows you to pay your dues and prepay your breakfast meals for the upcoming Quarter by credit card. You will also have the opportunity to make a small donation towards a Paul Harris Award. The Club encourages members to donate at least $25 each quarter.

The Quarterly dues for Rotary are: $56.00 per member.  These dues support Rotary International, District 6960, and our Club.  The Club also pays $10 for each breakfast.  There are 13 meetings each quarter.  Therefore, the quarterly cost of the breakfast for each regular, active member is $130.00.

The Club requires Regular, Active members to pay their dues and prepay for breakfast in advance each quarter.  The total amount for Dues & Breakfasts is: $186.00.

If you have done “make-ups” at another Club and had to pay for a meal, you can deduct $10 for each “make-up” meal.  The “make-up receipt must have been given to the Club’s Treasurer.  If you are deducting for “make-up” meals, you will have to pay your Quarterly assessment by check.  Please mail your check to the: Rotary Club of Sanibel-Captiva Florida,  P.O.Box 686, Sanibel, FL 33957, or bring it to a Club meeting.

If you are a “Rule of 85” member (as approved by the Club’s Board), you only need to pay the Quarterly Dues ($56.00).  You will be charged for meals ONLY when you attend a meeting.

To pay  your Quarterly assessment by credit card, use the “Pay Now” buttons below:

For “Rule of 85” Members paying dues ONLY ($56.00)

For “Rule of 85” Members paying dues and making  a $25.00 Paul Harris Donation (Total of $81.00):

For REGULAR, ACTIVE members, paying dues and prepaying for meals (Total of $186.00):

For REGULAR, ACTIVE members, paying dues, prepaying for meals, and making a $25.00 Paul Harris Donation(Total of $211.00):