FISH 10K Race

Volunteer to help at FISH’s 10K race.   Volunteers will be stationed at all driveways and cross roads throughout the course.  The course starts at Community House, and then Periwinkle to Casa Ybel, Middle Gulf to Tarpon Bay, then up Island Inn Rd and double back to Tarpon Bay, to Periwinkle and end at Community House.  The race starts at 7:30am.  Volunteers have to be at their stations by 6:45am.  The police check the route and if all stations are not manned, the race will not start.

Lee Almas forward the names of our Rotary volunteers names to FISH.  They will then give Lee Almas the station assignment list by name..  When he receives the list, he’ll advise the volunteers. On race morning Lee will personally check all of the Rotary stations to be ensure they all are manned.   Race  t-shirts will be available at Friday’s meeting October 16.  Volunteers will receive a make-up for their participation, plus a BIG 100 service credits toward a Paul Harris award

Volunteers are free to leave their station when the last runner or walker has passed their station.  At the end of the group there is a car with P.A. system announcing that this is the end.

After the race is over, volunteers should go to Community House and watch the remaining runners come across the finish line and then for awards festivities plus drink and snack.