District 6960 Governor Visit

At our Sept 4th meeting, we welcomed our Rotary District #6960 Governor, Cyndi Doragh –Rotary Club of South Fort Myers – to introduce herself to club members and focus in on a significant message from Rotary International President, K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran-Rotary Club of Colomo, SRI LANKA.

Cyndi Doragh

Each year our Rotary International President selects a motto for their year of service leading over 1.2 million Rotarians around the globe and trying to focus on what Rotarians can accomplish by working on projects to better this world. President Ravindran’s motto, “Be a Gift to the World”. What does that mean…”Be a Gift to the World”?  Governor Cyndi wants us all to take the motto personally. Ask yourself, “What gift do I have to give to Rotary?” and then she pushed a little further stating, “Everyone is gifted in their own way, use your gift to help Rotary change lives. Our time on earth is finite; make the best of the time you are given.”

Cyndi gave us some simple examples of people that weren’t sure of how they could contribute their talents to support Rotary causes. She had a friend, who although not wealthy, was a fantastic cook. Her friend decided she would throw dinner parties and put a bowl on the table for donations to support the House of Friendship at Rotary International’s annual conventions. That one gesture started a chain of events were people around the globe and restaurants followed her lead. Now Rotary International’s House of Friendship has become an essential and vital element at our annual conventions, a place where ideas are exchanged, information is distributed, and all sorts of goods are made available to attendees. The House of Friendship is a gathering place for Rotarians around the globe to meet other Rotarians, observe their individual project goals, and form partnerships with other Rotary clubs to work on projects dealing with clean water, women and children’s health issues, literacy, disease prevention and treatment, economic and community development and peace and conflict resolution.

Just about two years ago our Club was a perfect example – Rotarian and Senior Pastor of Sanibel Community Church, John Danner made a decision to celebrate his 60th birthday by challenging himself and riding his bike from Miami to Key West and challenging his friends to sponsor that ride with all proceeds going to Rotary’s Wheelchair Foundation. These contributions were then matched by a very special private donor and Sanibel-Captiva Rotary. The total amount raised was $20,000.

Another of Cyndi’s example was about a women she met at the Rotary International Convention in Brazil.  The women had brought a beautiful handcrafted African folk doll with her. Why? When she visited Kenyan, she was made aware of the fact that many women of the village she visited had to prostitute themselves to support their children. This Rotarian wanted to help these women change their lives. She taught them how to make folk dolls and now helps them sell those dolls around the globe.

“If you do nothing, there will be no result…If you do something, there is a chance.” Anonymous

Cyndi has been a Rotarian for twenty-one years, she tells us she eats, sleeps, and breathes Rotary. She admits, she has drunk the Kool Aid and it’s not just her, it’s her husband too, Immediate Past District #6960 Governor, Pete Doragh. They are the first Rotary couple in the world that have served as Rotary District Governors back to back. “Rotary has taught us how to serve. Rotary has taught us the “Power of One”. Rotary has taught us the power of a giving spirit, so recognize your gift, and use it toward making your time on earth meaningful.” Hallelujah, I believe, pass the Kool Aid.