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New Member – Eldon Bohrofen

At the meeting on July 17th, Eldon Bohrofen, told us  something about himself.  Eldon started off in the usual fashion…identifying himself as an attorney…sort of downplaying what exactly that meant. But the interesting part was exactly what road he traveled to become a lawyer and a pretty good one at that. Eldon’s family owned a farm in Iowa but this farm boy had a big problem he was allergic to GRAIN. So, his father pretty much summed up the situation, Eldon was not meant to be a farmer. He better go to college. Not just any college but Drake University, where his first foray into networking happened when he joined a fraternity. His fraternity brought in speakers on many topics including –How to Grow Yourself. One of the speakers owned a clothing business and somehow zeroed in on Eldon and his tie- clasp. He told him to remove it and proceeded to tell him why. You don’t want someone look down at your shiny tie clasp, you want them looking straight at you. You want to be able to look them in the eye and sell yourself. It was a lesson Eldon never forgot.

Still after graduating from Drake, he still wasn’t really sure about what he wanted to do but he knew he wanted to continue his education and decided to attend Duke Law School. Eldon probably was a pretty good student but after turning in one of his papers to his law professor and friend, Eldon got a strong wake-up call. You probably know your content of the law well but you are extremely weak at writing articulate conclusions on your topic. His mentor brought him around and that was soon corrected.

After graduation from Law School, Eldon taught Law for a while at Wisconsin and again through networking began a career in Banking and Trusts. Success with his Trust clients led him to join one of them in business as the 4th largest auto parts suppliers to the Ford Motor Company. When that company was sold, he went back into trust management and law eventually becoming senior partner at RohdeDales LLP, Wisconsin.

Our New Members – Cindi DeCosta

Director of The Children’s Education Center of the Island. While attending St. Mary’s College in Virginia Cindy spent some time in Brazil. She laughs at herself because she thought she was pretty good at Spanish and that would come in handy when she studied in Brazil but quickly found out Brazilians spoke Portuguese. One thing about Cindy, she has a good sense of humor and that comes in handy throughout life.

After graduating from St. Mary’s, she soon found herself quickly immersed in childcare, with four of her own. Cindy meshed the need to stay home with the desire to run her own at home day care business for a number of years. After moving to Florida, she found a teaching position at the Children’s Education Center on the Island. It wasn’t long before the director of CCI wanted to retire and Cindy applied for the job and the rest is history.

Our New Members- Ty Symvoski

Tarpon Bay Explorers Nature Tours & Rentals. Ty and his family have had a connection to Sanibel since the 1920. Two of his family’s residences are now part of the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village. Although he didn’t grow up on the Island, he visited often. After graduating from the University of Michigan he got his first job with the newly formed City of Sanibel’s planning department staying on for the next ten years. Ty told us he bought his first house on Sanibel on Periwinkle Way for about $1,000. Ty left Sanibel for adventure and travel eventually landing a job in the planning department in Key West. The commonality of these two Paradise Islands is obvious; beaches, sand, sun, great lifestyle, tourism and a Rotary Club. Years went by and Ty found himself lured back to Sanibel and back as an active member of the Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club.

New Member- Ralph Korn

Last week the Club welcomed a new member– Ralph Korn — who is a retired architect.

Korn and Pryor

New Member – Trent Peake

Last week, the Club welcomed a new member Trent Peake.   His sponsor is Chet Sadler.

Trent Peake
Trent relocated to Sanibel in 2014 to begin working as the Member Services Manager at the Sanibel & Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce. Trent’s role at the Chamber is to build and maintain relationships with the Chamber’s 563 members.

New Member

It has been proposed that Trent Peake be considered for membership in our Rotary Club.

Trent is Membership Manager at Sanibel Chamber of Commerce…His classification would be Marketing/Consulting…His Rotary sponsor Chet Sadler.    If you have any objections or questions concerning this person’s membership you must submit them in writing to the Club President or Secretary within 7 days of this newsletter, or it will be deemed that there are no objections.



Banner Membership Year for Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club

The Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Membership Committee has processed twelve new membership applications, interviews, and inductions during Rotary Year – July 2014- July 2015 – under the leadership of current Club President, Bill Rahe and Membership Committee Chairs, Janet Strickland and new Membership Chair, James Davis.

Just two weeks ago, the club officially inducted its two newest members:

New Members May 2015

1. Eldon Bohrofen- now living full-time in Florida-Eldon recently moved to Shell Point with his wife Judy. The Bohrofens moved here from Wisconsin, where Eldon was a member of the Sheboygan, Wisconsin Rotary Club for 41 years serving with a turn holding the club gavel as Past President. Rotary Classification- Attorney. Sponsor- James Davis

2. Michele Tiff – Advertising Executive with The Islander, Sanibel. New to Rotary but a strong volunteer organizer at her church. Michele has done volunteer work for Mission of Hope, which lead to her first mission trip to Haiti 2 years ago and hopes to return there soon. Rotary Classification-Advertising Sponsor-Janet Strickland

This year’s twelve new members in order of induction: Rich Mattern, James Davis, Jim Young, Cindy DeCosta, Paul Prestia, Jerry Gorby, Greg Scherer, Ty Symvoski, Bill Taylor, Jack Kuhn, Eldon Bohrofen, and Michelle Tifft.