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2016 Arts and Crafts Fair

Our 2016 Fair was our most successful Arts Fair EVER!

The weather could not have been better!  Even given the parking problems, one would be hard pressed to find any major negative issues.

We estimate over 3700 people attended the Fair on Saturday, and 2200 on Sunday, 110 artists were represented, we experienced record t-shirt sales ( approx 500 shirts), and record coffee sales (125+ bags!) .  We also had an amazing turn out for the silent auction The artists seemed happy with their revenue. Many of whom thanked us upon leaving for our organization, and attention to detail.

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016a

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016b

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016-5

Arts and Crafts Fair 2016-6

Arts and rafts Fair 2016-7


San-Cap Rotary 2016 Arts and Crafts Fair

The Island is busy, the weather forecast is good.  We’re looking forward to a great Fair this Year.

Club Assembly

This past week Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Trust Board members Scott Congress, Chet Sadler, and Immediate Past President, Bill Rahe put together an impressive power point presentation regarding giving practices of our Rotary Club. Requests come to this committee in a couple of ways: member submission or applications from organizations and non-profits seeking funding for special projects. (Applications can be found on our club web site… under the “membership only” tab.

Bill Rahe @Club AssemblyScot Congress @Club Assembly

Once a funding application is brought before the committee a member is chosen as an internal Rotary club sponsor with responsibility for making sure necessary paperwork supporting request is in place, requests are reviewed by the committee, following status of request, and following-up on grants approved.

Rotarian, Chet Sadler, also serves on the committee as Rotary Foundation representative basically centering in on partnering projects that seek matching funds from Rotary District #6960 or Rotary International.

FISH 10K Race

Volunteer to help at FISH’s 10K race.   Volunteers will be stationed at all driveways and cross roads throughout the course.  The course starts at Community House, and then Periwinkle to Casa Ybel, Middle Gulf to Tarpon Bay, then up Island Inn Rd and double back to Tarpon Bay, to Periwinkle and end at Community House.  The race starts at 7:30am.  Volunteers have to be at their stations by 6:45am.  The police check the route and if all stations are not manned, the race will not start.

Lee Almas forward the names of our Rotary volunteers names to FISH.  They will then give Lee Almas the station assignment list by name..  When he receives the list, he’ll advise the volunteers. On race morning Lee will personally check all of the Rotary stations to be ensure they all are manned.   Race  t-shirts will be available at Friday’s meeting October 16.  Volunteers will receive a make-up for their participation, plus a BIG 100 service credits toward a Paul Harris award

Volunteers are free to leave their station when the last runner or walker has passed their station.  At the end of the group there is a car with P.A. system announcing that this is the end.

After the race is over, volunteers should go to Community House and watch the remaining runners come across the finish line and then for awards festivities plus drink and snack.

Sanibel-Captiva Rotary trust

The Trust Board met on September 16th and began by reviewing what had been done with Grants.   There was roughly $67,000 available for Grants this yea Roughly $17,000 was granted to support groups we have previously supported:

  • The Shell Museum
  • The Dubin Center (Alzheimer Support)
  • Nola Theiss’s Group fighting Human Traffiking;
  • CROW
  • El Hogar (scholarships for impoverished children in Honduras.
  • Clinica Verde (healthcare for poor in Nicaragua)
  • Gift of Life (funding heart screening and surgery in Haiti) REMINDER: There is a Fund raiser Oct 17 for Gift of Life contact Chet Sadler for details

The Board continues to review Grant requests and The Procedure committee is working on ways to improve communication with members and procedures for Grants, this meeting summary is one of those ideas.


Sanibel-Captiva Rotary President, Bill Rahe recently distributed part of the proceeds from last month’s Rotary Club fundraiser, Unsinkable Women, to two local non-profits in our Community.

  • Sanibel Historical Museum and Village Board Chair, Karl Rodman and Village Manager, Emilie Alfino were on hand to receive a $4,000 check from Rotary for the continuance of preserving and sharing the History of Sanibel and restoring and improving the historically significate buildings and archival material at the Museum and Village, while improving the property throughout the Village establishing a more attractive and safe environment for Museum and Village Visitors.

Sanibel Historical Village Contribution

HTAP Contribtn

  • Human Trafficking Awareness   Partnerships Executive Director, Nola Theiss, also, was presented with a $4,000 check from Rotary supporting HTAP’s mission to bring “Awareness of the crime of human trafficking… the first step to eradicating modern slavery. The organization is dedicated to bringing the issue of human trafficking to the forefront of public consciousness through local community action and the sharing of resources and programs among communities and organizations.”

Human traffiking Awareness

Shelterboxes for Nepal and CART (Coins for Alzheimers Research)

Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang urged the humanitarian organization’s 1.2 million members worldwide to assist the victims of the April 25th earthquake disaster in Nepal in any way possible, including contributions to ShelterBox .

ShelterBox is the international disaster response charity that is Rotary’s project partner for disaster relief delivering emergency shelter, warmth, and dignity to people made homeless by disasters worldwide. At the ready are a large number of Shelter Boxes for responses instantly to these types of disasters but depletion of stockpiled boxes go quickly and financial contributions are needed to prepare additional boxes for large disasters such as Nepal. Shelter Boxes contain a tent to sleep ten people, ten sleeping bags or blankets, water purification equipment, pots, pans, knives forks and spoons, mosquito netting, ponchos, tools to help rebuild their living quarters, cooking stove, and activity kits for young children.

Sanibel-Captiva Rotarians, Roger Thrifthauser and Bill Rahe, immediate put into action a request via e-mail to club members to be ready to respond to this appeal with financial support for the purchasing of ShelterBox units slated for Nepal, at last Friday’s meeting.  Some of our snowbird Rotarians and others who would not be attending that meeting responded immediately with pledges amounting to $1,550 and the meeting itself brought additional contributions of $1,108. This $2,658 was then rounded up to $3,000 by Sanibel-Captiva Trust Foundation funds in addition to $1,000 already slated by the Trust Fund budget for ShelterBox. This $4,000 will enable the Sanibel-Captiva Rotary to purchase ShelterBox units for Nepal.

Rotary is an amazing humanitarian organization and Rotarians when challenged to make a difference in this world contribute hours of volunteer time, whether directly with boots on the ground or fundraising for projects that need financial help, they step up and make a difference.

Another perfect example of this is our Rotary District #6960 support of CART-Coins for Alzheimer Research Trust. Our Friday morning speaker last week Rotarian, Dr. Gary Goforth founding program director of the Florida State University College of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program at Lee Memorial Health System. Gary made a visit to our club to bring attention to Rotary’s CART Fund. The CART Fund is dedicated to raising funds to provide see money for cutting edge, high impact research in hopes of finding a cure/prevention for Alzheimer’s disease. The goal of the Fund is to encourage exploratory and developmental AD research projects within the United States.

Dr Gary Goforth

Dr. Goforth’s power point slide describes Alzheimer’s, “Alzheimer’s destroys brain cells. There are 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, creating a branding network. Signals traveling through the neurons forest form memories, thoughts, and feelings. Alzheimer’s destroys neurons, thus also destroying memories, thoughts, impulse control, personality, etc. Alzheimer is a brain failure.” As our population ages the need for more information about Alzheimer’s disease is imperative and the fact is, that the typical research being done is not coming up with answers for us. CART supports cutting edge research. Not yet a Rotary International project but being supported by a number of Rotary Districts across the United States, CART has awarded over $4,500,000.00, since beginning in 1995 to accredited Alzheimer’s researchers.

CART uses a novel fundraising program. Rotarians are encouraged to voluntarily empty their pockets and purses of change, or whatever amount they choose in the blue CART buckets available on the tables whenever they attend a Rotary meeting. They also welcomed contributions of currency, checks, or credit cards. Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Trust Foundation has budgeted $1,000 for CART this year.

2015 arts and Crafts Fair

This year, we had the best Arts & Crafts Fair ever.  We had the most visitors and we raised the most money since we started holding these Fairs.  And, everyone had a good time.


John Danner’s Bike Ride for Wheelchairs

In the summer of 2014, Rotarian John Danner rode his bike from Fort Lauderdale to Key West to raise money for the Wheelchair Foundation.  The Wheelchair foundations has very sturdy wheelchairs for use by those in poor countries who are not able to get around.  Below is a brief video of his experience.